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I am an experienced designer who loves to help craft and lead the creative vision for clients embarking on their most challenging projects.

I prefer work that helps bring deeper purpose to my clients’ businesses, and moves that business forward through a combination of strategic design, creativity and empathy. I believe that innovation starts with people, not technology or process, so I work closely —internally and with clients—in highly collaborative teams where the lines between roles are intentionally blurred.

I enjoy discussing everything from strategy to creative to production, and am able to articulate my thinking clearly. Every approach is custom tailored.  I thrive in situations where I need to create (or adopt) ways of solving complex problems, on a diverse range of project types, such as:



Digital experiences, physical environments and service design.



Starting from scratch with a new idea or building upon existing brand systems.



Design, prototyping and testing.


My Skills/Experience

  • Leading the design process from initial ideation, to design execution
  • Leading design workshops and presentations with clients and partners
  • Working closely with team members of all disciplines to deeply understand a client’s business, identify opportunities and chart a course forward
  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Love getting my hands dirty and working through challenges
  • Inspired by finding new ways of working, thinking and approaching design
  • Excited about working with others, and incorporating their point of view
  • Love the craft of design but flexible in approach
  • Familiar with UI prototyping with tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Invision 
  • Write user stories and map the user journey